Las Vegas Resort Fees 2022 Guide

We manually checked over 100 Vegas hotels to update our resort fee list for 2022! Here is a quick reminder if you’re new to the idea of resort fees: What is a Resort Fee? In recent years, most Las Vegas hotels have implemented “resort fees.” These daily supplementary charges are not included in the initial booking cost (when booked through the hotel website or via a third party). The fees are due to the hotel at the end of the stay. In other words, you pay resort fees upon check out. In return, these supplementary fees allow you access to some of the services within the facility. For several years, these resort fees have been a source of contention as consumers believe that they are, in many ways, hidden charges. Indeed, they are managed completely independently of the quoted nightly room rate, so upon booking, the price per night offered might seem lower. Quoted prices never include resort fees, which can create confusion for the customer who finds out only when he has to pay the bill at the end of his stay. On January 5, 2017, the Federal Trade Commission released an Economic Analysis of Hotel Resort Fees concluding that: This analysis finds that separating mandatory resort fees from posted room rates without first disclosing the total price is likely to harm consumers by increasing the search costs and cognitive costs of finding and choosing hotel accommodations. And yet, resort fees persist. If you are looking to book a hotel in Las Vegas you can find on our website a comprehensive list of all Las Vegas hotel deals & discounts available. When making your hotel reservations – either directly on the hotel websites or through tour operators and travel agents – we advise you to be very vigilant about resort fees in order to take them into account in your travel budget! This is why we’ve compiled below the complete list of Las Vegas hotel resort fees that includes the amount charged and the inclusions. Note that the amounts are given before taxes which, at present, would add an additional 13.38%! You will notice that the highest resort fees reach $45.95 per night before tax, which is $52.10 including tax per night! In some cases, the resort fee can be higher than the room rate! Las Vegas Resort Fee increases in 2022: Most of the 98 hotels listed below increased their resort fees in the recent months, although the increases were not as spectacular as what we witnessed in previous years. Fun fact: if you book one night in each of these 98 hotels in 2022 it will cost you $3,029.74 (+tax) in resort fees. This is an average of $31.89 per hotel! The average resort fee amount early last year was $30.19, that’s a 5% increase! Here are a few notable increases observed: Which Las Vegas hotels do not charge resort fees? A few Las Vegas hotels have not implemented resort fees yet. Here’s a list of Las Vegas hotels without resort fees as of this writing in January 2022. Casino Royale Best Western Plus Desert Rose Resort Four Queens Lucky club Marriott Las Vegas Marriott Grand Chateau La Quinta Inn & Suites Residence Inn Red Roof Inn Royal Resort Travelodge Center Strip WorldMark Las Vegas Blvd WorldMark Tropicana Wyndham Desert Blue Wyndham Grand Desert Detailed list of Las Vegas hotel resort fees in 2022 and their inclusions: If you find any errors in our table please let us know by using the comments below! Also feel free to share your experiences and your feelings with respect to the resort fees.