Wreck Room


Daily: 11am – 7pm


4090 Schiff Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Wreck Room Las Vegas Discount Tickets & Promotions

Wreck Room Vegas Tickets

  • Standard Wrecking Package (30 minutes) from $77.58 per person!
    Each person wrecks: 15 small items / 5 medium items / 1 large item


Wreck Room is a immersive Destruction Experience where you can break things in a safe and clean up free area.

You will be geared up in a full suit of safety gear including: Helmet/facemask, coveralls, motorcycle gloves, and steel toe boots. Once you are fully protected you choose a weapon, bats and crowbars are the most popular items. After you are armed and ready to go they drop you in a Wreck Room full of breakables!

Packages include items such as glass bottles, printers, keyboards, VHS tapes and windshields along with many other items which cycle through. After a short safety briefing it’s time to WRECK! Get primal and smash everything to your hearts desire.

Once you are finished just jump out of your safety gear and that, is, it. The feeling you get after the experience is described by many as renewed and invigorated!


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