Bodies.. The Exhibition


Daily: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Last Admission: 7:00 PM


Horseshoe Hotel & Casino
Lower Level near the Flamingo Road entrance

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  • Adult admission: $27.95 (Regularly $29.95)


Real Bodies uses 20 real, perfectly preserved human bodies, and more than 200 anatomical specimens to explore the complex inner workings of the human form in a refreshing and thought-provoking style. System by system, the Exhibition provides an approachable and fascinating insight into what’s happening inside every one of us. Real Bodies also explores how elements such as breathing, hunger, the rhythm of the heart, and other essential body functions have deep cultural and emotional significance that reach as far back as the dawn of humanity.


  • View dramatic and moving displays that take complex anatomical systems and present them in an approachable fashion
  • Examine real human bodies and anatomical specimens up close in a way that helps you to get to know your own body
  • Discover the fascinating ways that the human body has been viewed across history and culture
  • Come away with a deeper understanding of how various anatomical systems work together to comprise the human experience
  • Learn about human biology, anatomy, medicine, psychology, cultural studies, and philosophy
  • Feel an emotional and spiritual connection to your own body, as well as humanity as a species, by getting an inside view of the human anatomy that few have experienced
  • REAL BODIES at Horseshoe is the perfect place to learn the latest science-based information about how the novel coronavirus impacts the human body.


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